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Benny Mantin, PhD PEng

Benny MantinDirector, Luxembourg Centre of Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Research Areas:

  • Inventory and Supply Chain Management
  • Dynamic Pricing and Revenue Management
  • Transportation Economics with a Focus on the Airline Industry
  • Strategic Consumer Behavior
  • Operations-Marketing Interface

Selected Publications:page1image9040page1image9200

  • Mantin, B. and E. Rubin. 2016. Fare Prediction Websites and Transaction Prices: Empirical Evidence from the Airline Industry. Marketing Science, 35(4): 640-655.
  • Kremer, M., B. Mantin, and A. Ovchinnikov. Dynamic Pricing in the Presence of Strategic Consumers: Theory and Experiment. Production and Operations Management (accepted July 2016).
  • Jiang, L., S. Dimitrov, and B. Mantin. P2P Marketplaces and Retailing in the Presence of Consumers’ Valuation Uncertainty. Production and Operations Management, forthcoming (accepted February 2016).


  • Inventory and Revenue Management
  • Operations Management
  • Sourcing and Procurement Management

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