Camilo Soto, Msc | MIT Global SCALE Network

Camilo Soto, Msc


Leader of Research in Supply Chain Strategy and Supply Chain Risk Management, Center for Latin American Logistics Innovations Innovation (LOGYCA/ Research)


Research Areas:

  • Supply Chain Strategy
  • Supply Chain Collaboration
  • Supply Chain Risk Management

Selected Publications:

  • C. Mejía, C. Soto, H.M. Gámez, J. Moreno (2014). “Analysis of packaging size in the value chain for minimizing logistics costs”. Estudios Gerenciales. Vol 134. No 31. pp. 111 – 121.
  • H.M. Gámez, C. Soto, C. Mejia, A. Sarmiento (2014). “A cost-efficient method to optimize package size in emerging markets”. European Journal of Operational Research. Vol 241. No 3. pp. 917 – 926.
  • Sarmiento, A. T., & Soto, O. C. (2014). New product forecasting demand by using neural networks and similar product analysis. Dyna, 81(186), 311-317

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