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How to Apply

MIT SCALE Network Online Application Information

Apply to Multiple Programs in the SCALE Network:

We encourage you to apply to all Masters programs in the MIT SCALE Global Network (LSCM-Luxembourg Centre for Logistics, MNCSM-Ningbo Supply Chain Innovation Institute China, and MSCM-Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation, SCM-MIT, ZLOG-Zaragoza Logistics Center).

You my apply to all MIT SCALE Network programs using the same application. Use the check box on the first page of the application to choose your desired schools. There is a maximum application fee of $75 to apply for all programs.

Apply now buttonApplication Requirements

  1. Application Information
  2. Personal Information

    (Please note that the application does not currently support script that contains accent marks such as á, é, í, ó, ú, ü, ñ. Using accent marks will cause error messages in the application form.)
  3. Race / Ethnicity
  4. Sexual Orientation
  5. Addresses
  6. Colleges/Universities Attended
  7. Test Scores / Experience
  8. Financial Support
  9. SCM MITx Subjects Taken
  10. Subjects Taken
  11. Statement of Objectives
  12. Submit Application  (including fee if required*)
  13. Letters of Recommendation
  14. Required Video Statement

Letters of Recommendation   

Applicants are asked to provide two recommendations from people capable of judging your professional and/or academic promise (i.e., supervisor, professor). Because our admissions committee focuses on work experience, we urge applicants to provide one letter of recommendation from their professional experience and one academic recommendation letter.

Please check the box under Waive if you wish to waive any rights you might have to inspect and review the recommendation. Once the letter writer sees that you have waived, you cannot later un-waive.

After you have entered the information about your recommenders and saved it, visit Letter Status to request letters from your recommenders.

Required Video Statement 

Applicants are asked create a short video of themselves answering several questions. You will need webcam capability to complete your application. Please record a video statement (5 minute time limit) answering the following questions and provide us with a link to the video (for example YouTube) in the URL field below. Please make sure the link is not private so that individual admissions committee members can access it.

  • Question 1. Why do you want to get a Master's degree in supply chain management?
  • Question 2. What previous supply chain training or work experience do you have?
  • Question 3. Describe the perfect job that you would like to get after you have completed the supply chain Master's program.
  • Question 4. What global supply chain problem do you find the most interesting and why?

*There is a fee of $75.00 US to apply to the SCM program at MIT.  There is no fee required to apply to the sister programs in Spain, Malaysia, Luxembourg, and China.  If you are applying to the SCM program at MIT you will need a credit card to which to charge the $75.00 (US) application fee.  

To be reviewed for admission in any round you must submit Step 1 of the application and pay the fee (if needed) by the following deadlines:

  • Round 1 Nov 15th   23:59:59 Eastern US Time Zone
  • Round 2 Feb 1st     23:59:59 Eastern US Time Zone
  • Round 3 Apr 1st     23:59:59 Eastern US Time Zone

Please see the Overview/Help page for instructions about how to submit GRE and IELTS scores.

Online Application:

Financial Aid Information:

For additional information about Financial Aid information and eligibility, you can visit SCM's Financial Aid page, ZLOG's Financial Aid page, MNSCM's Financial Aid page, LSCM's Financial Aid page, or MSCM's Financial Aid page.