Jianjun Xu, Ph.D.

XuAssistant Professor, Zaragoza Logistics Center

Research Areas:

  • Inventory management
  • Stochastic Optimization
  • Green Supply Chain Management
  • Dynamic Programming

Selected Publications:

  • X. Chen, Y. Feng, M. F. Keblis, and J. Xu. 2015. Optimal inventory policy for two substitutable products with customer service objectives. European Journal of Operational Research. 246, 76 – 85.
  • S. Chen, J. Xu and Y. Feng. 2010. A Partial Characterization of the Optimal Ordering/Rationing Policy for a Periodic Review System with Two Demand Classes and Backordering. Naval Research Logistics. 57(4), 330-341. J. Xu, S. Chen, B. Lin and R. Bhatnagar. 2010. Optimal Production and Rationing Policy of a Make-To-Stock Production System with Batch Demand. Operations Research Letters. 38(3), 231-235. Teaching: Inventory systems, Stochastic Processes, Management Decision Tools 

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