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Josue Velazquez Martinez, Ph.D.

Josue Velazquez MartinezResearch Associate, MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics Director, MIT SCALE Latin America

Executive Director, Supply Chain Management Blended (SCMb) Program

Research Areas:

  • Sustainable Logistics
  • Carbon-efficient Supply Chains
  • Productivity in SMEs

Selected Publications:

  • Velázquez-Martínez, J.C., Fransoo. J.C. (2016). Green facility location. In Sustainable Supply Chains. Edited by Y.
  • Bouchery, T. Tan., J. Fransoo, & C. Corbett. Springer.
  • Velázquez-Martínez, J.C., Fransoo, J.C., Blanco, E.E., Valenzuela-Ocaña, K. (2016). A New Statistical Method of Assigning Vehicles to Delivery Areas for CO2 Emissions Reduction. Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment. 43 133-144.
  • Velázquez-Martínez, J.C., Fransoo, J.C., Blanco, E.E., Mora-Vargas, J. (2014). The impact of carbon footprinting aggregation on realizing emission reduction targets. Flexible Services and Manufacturing Journal, 1-25. 

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