Maria Jesus Saenz

Maria Jesus SaenzProfessor of SCM at the MIT-Zaragoza Program

Research Affiliate at the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics

Research Areas:

  • Supply Chain Collaboration
  • Inter-organizational Learning
  • Supply Chain Risks and Resiliency

Selected Publications:

  • Chen, W., Kucukyazici, B, Verter, V. and Saenz, M.J. Supply Chain Design for Unlocking the Value of Remanufacturing Under Uncertainty. European Journal of Operational Research, 2015, 247.
  • Sáenz, M.J. and Revilla E., Creating More Resilient Supply Chains. MIT Sloan Management Review, Summer issue, 2014.
  • Sáenz, M.J., Revilla, E. and Knoppen, D.. Absorptive capacity in buyer-supplier relationships: empirical evidence of its mediating role. Journal of Supply Chain Management, 2014, 50(2).


  • Supply Chain Collaboration
  • Project Management
  • Resilient Supply Chains 

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