Matthias Winkenbach, Ph.D. | MIT Global SCALE Network

Matthias Winkenbach, Ph.D.

WinkenbachResearch Associate, MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics Director, MIT Megacity Logistics Lab

Research Areas:

  • Last-mile Distribution Network Design and Planning
  • Network Optimization, Simulation, and Visualization
  • Urban Freight Policy and Best Practices
  • Logistics Big Data Analysis

Selected Publications:

  • Winkenbach, M., Kleindorfer, P. R. & Spinler, S., 2015. Enabling Urban Logistics Services at La Poste through Multi-Echelon Location-Routing. Transportation Science.
  • Winkenbach, M., Roset, A. & Spinler, S., 2016 (in press). Strategic Re-design of Urban Mail and Parcel Networks at La Poste. Interfaces.
  • Winkenbach, M. & Merchan, D. E., 2015. Guest Voices: Delivery Companies are Redefining the Last Mile in Crowded Cities. The Wall Street Journal, 15 December. 

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