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Nicolas Giraldo Peralta, DSc

PeraltaPost Doctoral Associate and Research Leader, CLI Center for Latin American Logistics and Innovation

Research Areas:

  • Megacities
  • Sustainability
  • Strategy
  • Transportation and Energy

Selected Publications:

  • Díaz J,. Giraldo N, Flórez D., Mejía C., Rangel V., Huertas J.E. (2016) Determinants of fuel consumption in long distance freight transportation. Working paper.
  • Huertas J.I., Gomez M.D., Giraldo N., Garzón J. (2015) CO2 Absorbing Capacity of MEA. Journal of chemistry. Volume 2015, Article ID 965015. Hindawi Pub. Corp.
  • Giraldo, N., Harmand S., Morin C., Huertas J.I. (2015) Experimental study of sessile droplet vaporization. Working paper.


  • Research Seminar
  • Professional Project Management (PMP) Basics
  • Advanced Thermodynamics 

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