Rafael Diaz, Ph.D. | MIT Global SCALE Network

Rafael Diaz, Ph.D.


Professor of SCM at the MIT-Zaragoza Program

Research Affiliate at the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics

Research Areas:

  • Manufacturing Logistics
  • Lean Systems
  • Demand Management

Selected Publications:

  • Diaz R., Kumar Sameer, Bailey Mike. Analyzing Lost-Sale Stochastic Inventory Model with Markov-Modulated Demands: A Simulation-based Optimization Study. Journal of Manufacturing Systems. 38 (2016): 1-12
  • Diaz R. Using dynamic demand information and zoning for the storage of non-uniform density stock keeping units.International Journal of Production Research (2015): 1-12
  • Ardalan, A. and Diaz R. (2012). NERJIT: Using Net Requirement Data in Kanban-Controlled Jumbled-Flow Shops. Production and Operations Management (POMS), Vol. 21: 606–618
  • Diaz R and Ardalan A. (2010). An Analysis of Dual-Kanban Just-In-Time Systems in a Non-repetitive Environment. Production and Operations Management (POMS). Vol. 19, No. 2, 233-245 Teaching: Logistic Systems, Manufacturing Logistics, Lean Systems 


  • Logistic Systems
  • Manufacturing Logistics
  • Lean Systems