Research Center: 
Zaragoza Logistics Center
Research Topic(s): 

The challenges facing international intermodal container logistics are efficiency and security. These seemingly conflicting issues have a common solution: supply chain visibility, where data for visibility can be shared between business and government. Since technical solutions already exist, the challenge lies in integrating solutions across the supply chain. CASSANDRA will:

  • Facilitate the adoption of a risk based approach in the supply chain, on the basis of integral monitoring data on cargo flows and container integrity,
  • Build interfaces between existing visibility solutions, and visualization tools, in an open architecture,
  • Demonstrate the integration of data and risk assessment in supply chains in three major trading routes to and from Europe
  • Evaluate the quality of the integral data with business and government.
  • Facilitate a dialogue between business and government to gain consensus on the criteria for data sharing between business and government.
  • The project participants cover all relevant stakeholders, including some global players. This expertise will guarantee the successful adoption of the CASSANDRA solutions. The value drivers in CASSANDRA will include:
    • Logistics efficiency benefits
    • Security benefits for business as a result of the risk self assessment

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