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Shardul Phadnis, Ph.D.

PhadnisAssociate Professor, Director of Research

Director, Center for e-Commerce And Retail Transformation (CART)

Malaysia Institute of Supply Chain Innovation

Research Areas:

  • Value Chain and Operations Strategy
  • Supply Chain Adaptation
  • Coevolution of Business Models and Supply Chains
  • Scenario Planning
  • Strategy Processes

Selected Publications:

  • Perez-Franco, Phadnis, Caplice, & Sheffi. (2016) “Rethinking supply chain strategy as a conceptual system,” International Journal of Production Economics, 182, 384-396.
  • Phadnis, Caplice, & Sheffi. (2016). “How scenario planning influences strategic decisions,” MIT Sloan Management Review, 57(4), 21-24.
  • Phadnis, Caplice, Sheffi, & Singh. (2015). “Effects of scenario planning on field experts’ judgment of long-range investment decisions”, Strategic Management Journal, 36(9), 1401-1411.
  • Phadnis, Caplice, Singh, & Sheffi. (2014). “Axiomatic foundation and a structured process for developing firm-specific Intuitive Logics scenarios”, Technological Forecasting & Social Change, 88, 122-139.
  • Phadnis & Caplice. (2013 Jul/Aug). “Global virtual teams: How are they performing?”, Supply Chain Management Review.
  • Caplice & Phadnis. (2013). “Strategic issues facing transportation: Scenario planning for freight transportation infrastructure investment (NCHRP Report 750)”, Washington, DC: Transportation Research Board.


  • Operations and Supply Chain Strategy
  • Supply Chain Planning
  • Scenario Planning 

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