Vivian Rangel Castelblanco | MIT Global SCALE Network

Vivian Rangel Castelblanco

CastelblancoResearcher in Sustainability in Supply Chain, Latin American Center for Logistics Innovation – CLI, LOGYCA / RESEARCH

Research Areas:

  • Supply Chain Sustainability
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Selected Publications:

  • Rangel, V., Mejia, G., Mejia, C., García, C., Montoya, C., Agudelo, I. (2015) Food donation: an initiative to mitigate hunger
  • in the world. FAO, Food and Agriculture Organization.
  • Rangel, V. Mejia, C. (2014) Adapting water footprint in a Colombian company: Organizacion Corona. In Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Production Research Americas. Lima, Peru.
  • Rangel, V., Blanco E., Agudelo I. (2011). Carbon Footprint Analysis in Latin America: The Colombian Case. In Proceedings of the POMS 22nd Annual Conference, Reno, Nevada, United States


  • Climate Change and Carbon Footprint
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Water Footprint 

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