Join Us Virtually on March 21st-26th, 2021

We’re excited to announce that the MIT SCALE Latin American Conference will be held virtually in 2021. Now, you can join from anywhere in the world! Review over 100 presentations from top academics from across Latin American and the Caribbean and participate in three keynote plenary sessions.

While we prefer to meet face to face, MIT campus policy and general travel restrictions prevent us from doing so. However, we believe this new online format will broaden accessibility to this vital work. We will be providing inventive opportunities for conference participants to connect with the research and with your peers. 

We invite you to participate in the 2020-2021 MIT SCALE Latin America Conference, hosted virtually from the MIT campus March 21-26, 2021. This gathering provides a vital forum for researchers and students in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) to share in high-impact research and educational approaches within logistics and supply chain management.

The Center for Latin-American Logistics Innovation (CLI) was founded in 2008 through an alliance between the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics (CTL) and LOGYCA in Colombia.

The alliance created the MIT SCALE center for Latin America and the Caribbean, a network composed of top-ranked universities throughout the LAC region, that link to CTL through research and annual programming. 

The goal of the network is to drive cutting-edge research, education, and outreach that embrace socioeconomic, logistics, and supply chain challenges in the context of LAC, by developing and disseminating innovative strategies to address those challenges within the region.

The network helps companies, governments, and other organizations to compete in an increasingly complex business environment and engages academia, students, and partners to collaborate on projects that have an in-depth economic, societal, and environmental impact.

Before 22 Feb 2021

  • Earlybird Student registration fee: US$50*
  • Earlybird Regular fee: US$100* 

After 22 Feb 2021 - Standard registration fee: $150*

Registration is now closed



We invite submissions and presentations in the following thematic areas. Other topics not mentioned in the list below are also welcome if they relate to applied research in transportation, logistics and supply chain management (SCM). Chris Caplice Presents

  • Data-driven and emerging technologies in SCM
  • Urban logistics and last-mile operations
  • Retail operations for nanostores
  • Humanitarian logistics and relief operations
  • SCM for micro and small firms
  • Sustainability in supply chains
  • SCM for food and agri-business
  • Logistics 4.0 and Digital Transformation
  • Innovations in education-related to SCM
  • Student paper competition (graduate and undergraduate categories)

This conference owes a debt of gratitude to the talented, highly committed researchers from diverse universities across Latin America.

Conference Committees

Scientific Committee

Organizing Committee

  • Dr. Christopher Mejía Argueta (, MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics, U.S.
  • Dr. Daniel Prato-Sanchez (, Center for Latin American Logistics Innovation (CLI), LOGYCA, Colombia
  • Cesar Becerra (, Center for Latin American Logistics Innovation (CLI), LOGYCA, Colombia

Support Staff

  • MIT CTL Communications team - Arthur Grau and Dan McCool
  • MIT CTL Finance team - Nick Burns, Delio Cardarelli, and Daniel Francois
  • Conference Assistants - Abril Flores, David Hidalgo, Juan David Suarez, and Alessandro Silva

Track chairs and regional leaders by Topic

  • Data-driven and emerging technologies in SCM – Dr. Jens Bürger (UPB, Bolivia), Dr. Pablo Maya-Duque (UdeA, Colombia) and Dr. Diego Collarana (UPB, Bolivia) 
  • Urban logistics and last-mile operations – Dr. Carlos Suárez (USFQ, Ecuador) and Dr. Andrés Bronfman (UNAB, Chile)
  • Retail operations for nanostores - Dr. Christopher Mejía (MIT CTL, U.S.), Dr. Mario Chong (UP, Peru) and Dr. Gonzalo Mejia (Universidad de La Sabana, Colombia)
  • Humanitarian logistics and relief operations - Prof. Adriana Leiras (PUC-Rio, Brazil) and Prof. Hugo Yoshizaki (USP, Brazil)
  • Sustainability in supply chains – Prof. Marcio D'Agosto (UFRJ, Brazil) and Dr. Lino Marujo (UFRJ, Brazil)
  • SCM for food and agri-business – Dr. Christopher Mejía (MIT CTL, U.S.), Prof. Claudia Antonini (UTEC, Peru) and Prof. José Larco (UTEC, Peru)
  • Logistics 4.0 and Digital Transformation - Prof. Martín Tanco and Prof. Daniel Jurburg (UM, Uruguay)
  • Innovation in education related to SCM – Dr. David Salinas (Monterrey Tech, Mexico) and Prof. Agatha da Silva (UPB, Bolivia)
  • SCM for micro and small firms – Dr. Cansu Tayaksi and Dr. Josué Velázquez (MIT CTL, U.S.)
  • Student Paper Competition – Prof. Claudio Cunha (USP, Brazil), Dr. Ximena Cordova (USFQ, Ecuador), Prof. Daniel Jurburg (UM, Uruguay), Prof. Agatha da Silva (UPB, Bolivia), Prof. Michelle Rodríguez (UP, Peru) and Dr. Cipriano Santos (Gurobi Optimization, U.S.)
  • Invited tracks: 
    • Women in Supply Chain Initiative for Latin America and the Caribbean - Katie Date (MIT CTL, U.S.) and Prof. Michelle Rodríguez (UP, Peru)
    • Leveraging data analytics in transportation policy - Isabel Agudelo (Agencia Nacional de Infraestructura, Colombia)
All SCALE LatAm meet on campus

View the complete conference program committee by subject area specialty.

Calls for Short papers (currently closed)

All topics

Submissions of Short papers are closed 

    To increase the impact and exposure of research in logistics and supply chain management research from Latin America and the invited emerging regions, authors are required to submit short papers (5 - 7 pages), according to the Conference template. Accepted short papers will be presented in parallel sessions at the Conference and be eligible for publication.

    Authors could later submit a full paper/chapter version (in English), as the scientific committee will discuss with recognized, indexed journals to organize special refereed issues on Logistics and SCM for Latin America and other emerging regions. The scientific committee plans to edit an indexed book with ISBN/ISSN from a recognized editorial house.

    Short papers must be written in English and submitted using EasyChair as the submission platform. Detailed instructions are available at the PDF version of the Call for Short Papers.

    Evaluation Criteria

    All submissions will be assessed considering:

    • Regional Impact (social, economic, environmental)
    • Contribution (theoretical and practical)
    • Applicability (potential to be applied in the real world)
    • Academic rigor, originality and creativity

    Student Paper Competition

    Submissions for the Student Paper Competition are closedDownload PDF Student Paper competition with Complete Instructions

    We also invite submissions to be considered at the Student Paper Competition of the 2020-2021 SCALE Latin America Conference in the undergraduate and graduate categories.


    Latin America faces complex socioeconomic challenges due to growing urbanization rates, dynamic purchasing preferences, volatile economic and political conditions. These trends typically drive the configuration of transportation, logistics operations and supply chain management. Therefore, this paper competition seeks to inspire students to embrace those emerging-market related features. it is expected that students propose innovative strategies that address the aforementioned challenges through a well-structured, original methodology to bring an applied, high-impact benefit to multiple supply chain stakeholders 

    Summary of instructions

    Students must submit their short papers (5 - 7 pages) in any of the aforementioned topics using EasyChair. Submissions will be evaluated using similar evaluation criteria.

    A select of student papers will be presented in a 12-to-15 minute presentation followed by a 5-to-8 minute Q&Q session from the Jury. Winner(s) of each will be announced during the closing ceremony of the conference.

    Detailed instructions are available in the PDF version of the Student Paper competition submissions.

    Templates for current MIT SCALE Latin America Conference:


    Proceedings of Past MIT SCALE Latin America Conferences: 

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