Ask an Expert Webinar | MIT Global SCALE Network

Ask an Expert Webinar

Date and Time: 
Thursday, October 27, 2016 - 9:00am to 10:00am

The Supply Chain and Logistics Excellence (SCALE) Network hosted a Global Webinar on October 27, 2016 to provide prospective students an opportunity to ask questions from representatives from five of our SCALE Network Centers.

MIT | Spain | Luxembourg | Malaysia | China

The application for Fall 2017 is now open and our SCALE Representatives can help you navigate the admissions process or help you figure out which SCALE Center is the right fit for you.

PDF of the Presentation Slides


Webinar FAQs.


Are MicroMasters students eligible for the 10-month Supply Chain Programs?
Are the application deadlines different for each center?
All centers share the same application deadlines.
  • Round I Deadline: November 15
  • Round II Deadline: February 1
  • Round III Deadline: April 1
When will the application for the MicroMaster's Blended Program begin?
  • Application for the Blended Program opens: April, 2017
  • Applications are due: June 15, 2017
Can you set a priority when you apply to multiple centers?
No. All Center's selected will evaluate your application for admission. If you are admitted to more than one of the SCALE Centers you can choose the Center that best fits your needs.
What are you looking for in the application video?
As part of your application we need to hear from you in person. You will need webcam capability to complete your application. Please record a video statement (2-3 minute time limit) answering the following questions:
  • Why do you want to study supply chain management?
  • What aspect of this field is of particular interest to you?
  • How your prior education and work experience are relevant to a career in supply chain management?
What is the expected response time after applying?
The response time varies from Center to Center and is also influenced by the time in the application cycle. To optimize your chances of a successful application process we recommend submitting your completed application as soon as possible.
When might the GRE requirement be waived?
This decision is made at the individual Centers. Please check the "SCALE Center Contacts" list at the end of this document and inquire with your desired Center.
Does your application have to be complete to be submitted and reviewed (for example, missing test scores, or incomplete letters of recommendation)?
Students are welcome to submit their applications along with the supplemental materials at any point before each round's deadline, however; applications will only be reviewed shortly after each deadline.
What type of work experience is the SCALE Network looking for in the application?
Provide the information for three recommenders capable of judging your professional and/or academic promise (i.e., supervisor, professor). Most candidates have at least 2-3 years of work experience. Because our admissions committee focuses on work experience, we urge applicants to provide two letters of recommendations from their professional experience and one academic recommendation letter.
Are there specific computer skill requirements?
No, there are not any specific computer skill requirements.
Do you have a minimum score requirement?

For both the GMAT and GRE tests, the Admissions Committee expects successful applicants will meet or surpass the following minimum requirements:

  • Verbal:  seventy-fifth percentile (75%)
  • Quantitative:  seventy-fifth percentile (75%)
  • Analytical Writing:   fiftieth percentile (50%)
How can I learn more about financial aid and or grants for each SCALE Center?
You should research each Center's website:
Is it possible to get in touch with current SCALE students?
Yes, the SCALE Center Contacts below can help you connect with current SCALE students.
How should I choose which SCALE Center to attend?
What options for PhD programs does the SCALE Network provide?
How are the thesis projects assigned, does the student have any say in the process?
Thesis project assignment varies from Center to Center. In most cases, students have significant input in the decision.
What Career Placement services are available?
Each Center has Career Services available for full time students.

SCALE Center Contacts:


CAMBRIDGE, USA: Kirsten Greco, 

CHINA: Song Xiaodi (Sammy),

LUXEMBOURG: Steffen Klosterhalfen,

MALAYSIA: Satya Narayanan,

SPAIN: Marta Romero,