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MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics
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AgeLab works with businesses, governments, and non-profits worldwide to develop new ideas that improve the quality of life for older people and those who care for them. Our work is inspired by the belief that the creative use of technology - combined with an understanding of human behavior - will lead to innovations that produce a better life tomorrow. We seek to lay the foundations, envision the systems, and ignite the changes necessary to realize 100 years of quality living.

AgeLab uses a systems approach to understand the connections and opportunities in everyday activities - seeking information, adopting behaviors, choosing between products and services, and validating choices. Engaging engineers, designers, and researchers in business, social, behavioral, and the medical sciences, our work spans: 

  • Health and Wellness
  • Housing and Services
  • Longevity and Planning
  • Transportation and Community
  • Business and Policy
  • Work and Workplace

Our research produces unique data, methods, technologies, insights, and innovations that enable the development of new products, services, and strategies to help achieve a better life tomorrow.

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