Working Papers

The SCALE Working Paper Series is a public good created by the MIT Global SCALE Network. Publication of working papers provides SCALE scholars with a wide audience and the ability to solicit comments earlier in the process of analysis and development of ideas than is possible with a journal article.

  MIT SCALE network working papers at dspace



What is a working paper?

Working papers are research reports, technical papers, discussion papers and occasional papers. Researchers at all levels write working papers to help them articulate and develop new ideas, make a theoretical or practical contribution to an area of research or field of study, and disseminate their work professionally. Papers may include preliminary results of research that are not yet ready for publication in a professional journal; pieces that explore a topical, theoretical or methodological issue but may not be appropriate for a journal or are in the process of development. Papers delivered at a conference may also be published in this series.

Who may submit papers?

Any person with an affiliation to the SCALE Network may submit a paper for publication in the series. This would include faculty, researchers, affiliated faculty, postdoctoral associates, graduate students and research assistants. Those who are outside the formal network must submit in cooperation with a formally associated researcher.

What is the review process for accepting a paper?

At this time, Alexis Bateman at MIT CTL will be the primary gatekeeper for its suitability to be published in the working paper series. The paper will be returned if it does meet quality or submission guidelines. As the working paper series grows, an editorial committee may be selected for a more rigorous review process.

How do I submit a paper for the series?

Submit a copy in Word or PDF to: Alexis Bateman,, tel: +1-617-715- 5812. It is the responsibility of the author to submit the paper in a workable format. All papers must include a filled out title and abstract page (title format document can be downloaded here). All information must be filled out by the author(s) with the exception of the working paper number, which will be filled out by the working paper manager (Alexis Bateman at this time).

Standards Guideline:

There is no standard style for papers in the series. The only requirements are that the paper include an abstract (maximum 300 words), be of professional quality and internally consistent in following a standard academic style, and have a title page including information We recommend that submitted papers conform to one of these style standards:

  • A major professional journal, publisher or society
  • A general style such as Chicago, MLA or APA

Document Naming Convention

Please submit your word document with the following standard file naming convention. Year_Last name (of first author)_Abbreviated title. For example, if a paper was submitted by Alexis Bateman in 2016 entitled, A Risk Framework for Strategic Sustainable Sourcing, the file name would be: 2016_Bateman_SustainableSourcing

Access to Working Papers

The papers will be stored on the MIT libraries’ DSpace, the repository of digital research materials for scholarly work. Materials will be stored under the SCALE Network Community and can be accessed at:

Visit dspace frequently to see new paper postings and invite feedback.