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JAN 21

Reseach Expo 2015 - Over 130 supply chain master's students from around the world arrive present their thesis research to the supply chain community.


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Some 130 masters’ students from more than 25 countries gathered at MIT on Jan. 21 to present 80 research projects displayed on electronic posters. Research Expo 2015 not only presented research in supply-chain management from around the globe — the projects were sponsored by companies and more 250... Read more
A crowdsourced digital bazaar will directly bridge the gap between local craftsmen and global consumers. Although tourism accounts for the second-largest industry within Morocco’s economy, many Moroccan craftsmen who depend on tourism to earn their living still face significant economic hardship... Read more
As always, the January member meeting of ISM-Greater Boston brought together the values the 110-year-old supply management group holds dear: education and networking. Yet the event was different from all others the group holds. This time, ISM-GB learned from and mingled with students in the MIT... Read more