MIT SCALE Master's Program Admissions

The SCALE network has consolidated the admission and application process across our five centers offering residential and blended master's degrees. This consolidation affords applicants a unique opportunity to be considered for admission to the top supply chain management master's programs in the world with a single application.

Four Centers, One Application

We strongly encourage all prospective students to apply to multiple centers. While the SCM curriculum is largely standardized across all programs, each center adds unique value to the overall student experience through its faculty and research projects, industry and corporate partnerships, location, local culture, offerings from its parent/affiliate university, and many other factors. We urge you to consider each center's program(s), and to apply to those you believe will meet your needs for career advancement and personal enrichment. Compare our master's programs side-by-side...

Application Update:

Blended master's programs:

  • Round 3 added for MIT CTL Blended master's – apply by August 1, 2022.
  • EU passport-holders can apply to ZLC's blended master's program through July 31, 2022 (deadline for non-EU citizens is June 30).

Residential master's programs: 
Scroll down on this page for rolling admission updates for the class of 2023 residential cohorts at ZLC, LCL, and NISCI.


Learn more: applying to Master's Programs


To inquire about master's programs offered at MISI, contact the Center directly.

Interested in the GCLOG graduate certificate program for Latin American university students? 

Start at the GCLOG overview page for complete info on the program, timeline, eligibility, application requirements, and more.

Applicant Profiles for the Master's Programs

MIT SCALE residential master's degrees are optimized for early-career supply chain and operations professionals who wish to advance their skills and training in an intensive graduate program, and re-enter the workforce at a much higher level of responsibility and a higher salary. 

For the residential programs, we seek applicants who have:

  • A minimum of two years of relevant experience (5 years is preferred)
    working in a professional capacity after completing a bachelor's degree 
  • College-level training in analytical thinking
  • Demonstrable training in college-level calculus, probability, and statistics

The blended/accelerated programs were developed to provide an alternative pathway to a supply chain management master's degree to non-traditional students who may not have a professional or academic background in supply chain areas. Applicants to these programs must have earned the MIT MicroMaster's credential in Supply Chain Management before applying to the master's program. 

Application Timeline and Deadlines for the Master's Programs:
The online application for admission opens in September for students hoping to matriculate in fall or spring of the following academic year. Please carefully read through the master's program application requirements and instructions before starting your online application. Note that Blended/Accelerated application requirements are slightly different than the requirements for the residential programs. 

Residential Master's: Applications for all 10-month residential master's programs are for fall term enrollment, with orientation and classes beginning in August.

The application for admission opens September 15, and residential programs have three admissions rounds each year beginning in the fall:

  • Round 1 Deadline: November 1, 2021
  • Round 2 Deadline: January 31, 2022
  • Round 3 Deadline: March 28, 2022*

*Some MIT SCALE Centers are accepting applications on a rolling basis beyond the Round 3 deadline as detailed below:

  • ZLC: accepting applications from non-EU citizens until June 30, and from EU citizens until July 30.
  • LCL: accepting applications from EU citizens until June 30 (applications closed for non-EU citizens).
  • NISCI-Ningbo (MBA program): accepting applications until July 31.
  • NISCI-Nottingham: no longer accepting applications.
  • MIT CTL: no longer accepting applications.


Blended/Accelerated Master's: SCALE applications for blended master's programs (SCMb & ZLOGb) are for spring term enrollment, with on-campus classes beginning in January. Application deadlines for the Blended/Accelerated programs are as follows:

  • January 31, 2022
  • June 20, 2022
  • August 1, 2022*
    (for non-EU passport holders applying to ZLOGb, the deadline is June 30) 

Applicants to all programs are welcome to submit their applications at any point before each round's deadline.

All students are encouraged to apply early while slots are still available. It is also smart to apply early in case we ask you to take a remedial math class or re-take qualifying exams. We also strongly encourage international students to apply in Round I or Round II to allow more time for visa processing. 

Some centers will continue to review applications on a rolling basis after the final deadline has passed.

Ready to go?

To apply to SCALE’s highly competitive degree programs, you must submit more than just an application form. See our graduate application details page for complete info on the supplemental documents you will need, and links to more detailed admission info for the program(s) you wish to apply to.

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