MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics

The MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics (MIT CTL) is a dynamic solutions-oriented environment where students, faculty, and industry leaders pool their knowledge and experience to advance supply chain education and research. Part of the MIT School of Engineering, MIT CTL:

  • Coordinates more than 100 supply chain research efforts across the MIT campus and around the world
  • Educates students and corporate leaders in the essential principles of supply chain management
  • Helps organizations increase productivity and decrease their economic and environmental impact

Launched in 1973, MIT CTL has changed the way the world works by innovating essential industries and services through supply chain management. Strategically positioned at the crossroads of technology and business, MIT CTL enables researchers to:

  • Transform the way urban planners and officials think about transportation systems
  • Set the foundation for current global practice in airline scheduling and flight operations
  • Develop more carbon-efficient supply chains to help organizations reduce their environmental footprint

Our internationally recognized educational programs are key vehicles for moving leading-edge research beyond MIT’s laboratories to the global marketplace. MIT CTL delivers late-breaking knowledge to industry professionals who need high-functioning supply chains to compete in today’s increasingly complex marketplace. The Center’s master and doctoral programs are consistently ranked the best in the country:

  • The Master of Engineering in Logistics Program integrates analytical and leadership skills with real-world problem solving
  • The MIT-Zaragoza Master of Engineering in Logistics (ZLOG) Program is rooted in industry at Europe’s pioneering logistics park
  • The MIT-Malaysia Supply Chain Management (MSCM) Program is situated at the center of Asia's major maritime operations
  • Strategic executive education experiences are tailored for the challenges facing organizations—and the wider world—in the 21st century

At MIT CTL, the boundaries of our research activities are continually expanding as experts in an increasing number of fields realize just how tightly organizational efficiencies are tied to supply chain processes. Our researchers are bringing their knowledge and tools to fields such as:

  • Healthcare—creating new technologies and practices to improve the delivery of patient care worldwide
  • Alternative energy—devising a supply chain that will connect consumers to wind power generated in remote areas
  • Seaport security—developing ports that will be resilient in the face of natural disaster or acts of terrorism

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