Professionals from Latin America and the Caribbean and other emerging markets - Enhance Your Master's Degree!

The MIT Graduate Certificate in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (GCLOG) is an elite academic program from the MIT Global Supply Chain And Logistics Excellence (SCALE) network, geared toward exceptional graduate students from Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), as well as other developing countries who are interested in learning from LAC region and applying the knowledge into their emerging regions.

As a certificate program, the GCLOG has a smaller time and tuition footprint to MIT SCALE master's degree programs, and is a perfect educational complement for students currently pursuing a master's degree at their home universities. The GCLOG is taught by instructors from the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics (CTL) – considered the world's foremost thinkers in the field of Supply Chain Management and related fields. The GCLOG carries with it the prestige of MIT, one of the world's most respected universities, with a proven record in supply chain management and logistics. 

We look for "Amplifying graduate education and prepare the next generation of leaders in Supply Chain for emerging markets," capitalizing on a hybrid, hands-on experience that combines online content and two residential seminars on the MIT campus at an affordable cost for talented professionals.

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Application Deadlines
Round I: Nov 20, 2022
Round II: Jan 29, 2023
Round III: April 9, 2023

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Student Experience

"The GCLOG is a truly unique world-class experience that supports the pathway to success in our professional careers." –Andrea Barreto, GCLOG 2016 – Mexico (Sr. Product Manager at

"Best in class instructors, outstanding classmates and valuable debates at MIT is what I found in this program. It definitely was a milestone not only in my career but in my life." –Roberto Sugiyama, GCLOG 2016 – Brazil (SCM Manager at Bayer).

GCLOG students combine online study with two three-week residencies on the MIT campus, with minimal disruption to their ongoing master's, family, and work commitments, and without breaking the bank. Read more testimonials from our alumni.

    GCLOG Program Outline

     The GCLOG class of 2024 will include four components:

    1. Online course GCx (May 13 – July 8, 2023): Excellence in Supply Chain, delivered through the edXedge ( platform, covering fundamentals of Supply Chain Management & Logistics.
    2. A 3-week seminar on the MIT campus (July 9 - 28, 2023), where students attend workshops/lectures on state-of-the-art knowledge in the field (e.g. Urban Logistics, nanostore supply chains, SCM for food and agri-business, SC Resilience, Humanitarian Logistics, Omni-channel distribution strategies, SC Strategy, Sustainable SC, etc.).
    3. A research-oriented Capstone project that provides applied solutions. This capstone serves as a culminating academic experience for the GCLOG students.
    4. A 3-week seminar on MIT campus (early - end of January, 2024), where GCLOG students participate in SCALE Connect, a unique experience where students from all MIT SCALE centers (Zaragoza, Luxembourg, Ningbo, MISI and MIT) gather together to attend lectures and participate in challenges, company tours, and other interesting activities.

    GCLOG Program Details

    Admissions Info

    Application Deadlines
    Round I: Nov 20, 2022
    Round II: Jan 29, 2023
    Round III: April 9, 2023


    Dr. Christopher Mejía Argueta (email)
    Director of the MIT GCLOG Program


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