Application Requirements for the GCLOG Program

To apply to the highly competitive GCLOG program, you must submit your online application form along with the following supplemental documents.

  • Resume or CV
  • Official transcripts from your grades (these are not your diplomas)
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation
  • Statement of Objectives
  • Video Statement

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Application Deadlines
Round I: Nov 20, 2022
Round II: Jan 29, 2023
Round III: April 9, 2023


Email us at!

Before You Apply

Select a browser. Officially supported browsers: Firefox (within last/latest 2 versions), Microsoft Internet Explorer (8.0 and above), Chrome (within last/latest 2 versions), and Safari (latest version, Mac OS X only). Other browsers are not recommended.

Take your time. You do not have to complete the application in one sitting. We advise you not to do so. You can return to the application at any time and complete it over the span of weeks. We will not receive the written portion of your application until you have formally submitted on the final page of the application. Relax, take your time and enjoy the process!

Hold the accents. Please note that the application does not currently support text that contains accent marks such as á, é, í, ó, ú, ü, ñ, etc. Using accent marks will cause error messages in the application form.

Be aware of the video. As part of your application you must record a video. Make sure your audio, microphone, and camera are working. Make sure to speak spontaneously (not reading!) and clearly. You will need to upload the video (for example to YouTube) and provide us with a URL link to the video . Please make sure the link is not private so that individual admissions committee members can access it. This video is required.

Step-by-Step Instructions for the Online Application

The online application for the graduating class of 2024 will open mid-September 2022. All candidates must apply online. The GCLOG program admits students at campus in July only. 

The instructions below are numbered to correspond with the MIT Grad Apply application to help you with each step. 

0. Create a User Account
You must first create a user account and password. With this account you may start an application and save it multiple times prior to submission. **PLEASE record your user name and password - we cannot retrieve them for you. **

1. Application Information
Please indicate which program you are applying to (select the only option here: GCLOG). There is no application fee payable at the time of submission. 

2. Letters of Recommendation 
Provide the contact information for two recommenders capable of judging your academic and/or professional promise (i.e., professor or supervisor). At least one must be an academic recommendation letter. The other can be about your professional experience. When you apply online, you will send a request to your recommenders to submit their recommendation letter online. Though you can request letters from your recommenders at any time during the application process, we recommend that you do this as early as possible. Letters of recommendation must be received in order for your application to be considered.


  1. Enter the requested information about your recommenders and save it.
  2. Visit ‘Letter Status’ to request letters from your recommenders.
  3. Follow the instructions given to send a request to each recommender. You control when your recommender receives the prompt and are responsible for making sure they have copies of these instructions. You can also edit recommender information (if they have not submitted a letter) and track letters by visiting the 'Letter Status' page.
  • Tip: Checking the “WAIVE” box communicates to your recommender that you waive the right to view the recommendation that they write. It is generally considered best practice to waive viewing privileges because the recommendation will hold more weight during the application review if the applicant has waived the right to read it.

3. Personal Information
Please be sure to provide your correct e-mail address for correspondence. Most correspondence will be via e-mail.

4. Race/Ethnicity (For U.S. citizens and permanent residents only)
Please choose all selections that apply to you. For more information, please see MIT's Policy on Nondiscrimination.

5. Addresses
Admission decision letters will be emailed to you, however; please provide your mailing and permanent addresses for our records.

6. Colleges/Universities Attended 
List all colleges and universities attended and upload the corresponding transcripts. Start with the institution at which you completed (or will complete) your undergraduate or Bachelor’s degree. Uploaded copies can be a scan of your official transcript or an unofficial grade report. If and when you are admitted, official transcripts from the registrar of each undergraduate and graduate college or university you attended will be required; admission is contingent upon receipt of your official transcripts.


  • Although a translation to English is preferable, transcripts can be submitted in their original language (Spanish or Portuguese).
  • If you participated in a study abroad experience and your coursework/credits are indicated on your home institution’s official transcript, you do not need to list this or send an official transcript from that program.
  • If a college or university does not issue transcripts, a certified letter must be provided. It should list courses, grades, degree(s) and date received.

7. Scores and Experience
This section provides an opportunity to explain your university’s grading system or GPA scale. Use this section to explain any aspect of your transcript that you think might need clarification. 

Resume/CV: Upload your resume directly in the application system. Your resume should be in the standard format, including academic degree information with GPA information following each degree. Please limit your text to a reasonable length, equivalent to a 1-2 page resume.

8. Financial Statement
Indicate here if you wish to be considered for financial assistance and do your best to estimate the assured financial resources that will help fund your education. If you indicate you would like to be considered for aid, you will be considered for tuition fellowships. Learn more about costs and funding. Financial aid decisions are need and merit based.

9. Subjects Taken
Enter information for subjects taken in your major field, in engineering, in math, in sciences, and in other areas, in that order.

10. Statement of Objectives
Please give your reasons for wishing to do graduate work in Supply Chain Management. Prepare your statement of objectives and goals in whatever form clearly presents your views. Include as best you can, your particular interests, be they experimental, theoretical, or issue-oriented, and show how your background and MIT's Global SCALE Network programs support these interests. Explain your long-term professional goals. The Admissions Committee will welcome any factors you wish to bring to its attention concerning your academic and work experience to date. The statement should be no longer than 500 words or 1 to 1.5 pages of single spaced text.

The statement should describe how you think, see and feel about the world and your professional objectives. You should set forth the issues or problems you want to address in the course of your studies, and the setting in which you eventually see yourself working professionally. Your honors, extracurricular activities, and other experiences can be integrated into your Statement of Objectives; telling us how and why what you have done relates to what you propose to study in the GCLOG program, and what you plan to do professionally in the future. Do not re-create your CV or resume.

11. Video Statement
As part of your application we need to hear from you in person. You will need webcam capability to complete your application.

Please record a video statement (5 minute time limit) telling us about yourself and about your interest in the GCLOG Program. The purpose of the video is both to learn more about you and to get a sense of your level of English. Make sure to speak spontaneously (not reading!) and clearly. Please record the video in a quiet place and to use a good microphone, so that the audio quality is as good as possible. This video is required.

Okay, are you ready to begin your application? 

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