Who Can Apply to the GCLOG Program

The Graduate Certificate in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (GCLOG) program is open to any student currently enrolled in a master's program in a relevant area at a reputable university in Latin America or Africa. There are three eligibility criteria (current enrollment, area of study, and reputation of home university), which are discussed in more detail below.

Current Enrollment in a Graduate Program:

To be eligible for the GCLOG Class 2023, a student must be fully enrolled in a graduate program at some point between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021. This means that students who have not begun their graduate studies as of June 30, 2020 are not eligible to apply for the GCLOG class 2023. If students completed their graduate studies around July 1, 2019, they might be eligible to apply for the GCLOG program up to April 2022.

Please contact us if you have questions about your eligibility to the program, particularly if you completed your graduate studies more than 2-3 years ago.

GCLOG Quick Links:

Application Deadlines:
Round I: Nov 14, 2021
Round II: Jan 30, 2022 
Round III: April 3, 2022

Email us at gclog@mit.edu!

Area of Study:

To be eligible for the GCLOG, the student must be fully enrolled in a master's program in areas relevant to supply chain management and logistics. Relevant areas include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Supply chain management
  • Logistics
  • Transportation studies
  • Industrial engineering
  • Business administration
  • Production management
  • Operations management

Students from non-master's graduate programs, such as doctorate programs and specializations, may be considered for the GCLOG as long as their area of study is logistics and supply chain management.

Reputation of Home University:

To be eligible for the GCLOG program, students must be fully enrolled in a reputable university in the Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) or other emerging regions, including universities that may not be academic partners of SCALE LAC. This requirement may be relaxed in the case of exceptional students who, even though enrolled elsewhere, have a strong affiliation and a particular interest in Latin America.

Fulfilling all of the criteria listed above makes you eligible. But what makes you a strong candidate? Besides being eligible, a successful applicant is one that fulfills most of the following criteria:

  • Grades: a strong applicant has a solid academic background, as demonstrated in the grades of the undergraduate and graduate studies completed so far, including relevant classes in quantitative methods.
  • English: a strong applicant has a solid command of English. Fluency in English, both spoken and written, at the same level as other MIT graduate students, is required.
  • Interest: a strong applicant has a clear and honest interest in supply chain management and logistics topics, and a desire to apply their knowledge in practical problems relevant to the Latin American region.
  • Endorsement: a strong applicant will be able to present two strong letters of recommendation from a professor (preferably a program director) familiar with the student's ability to conduct academic work.