The MIT Global SCALE Network is a balanced network of six innovation centers on four continents. Each center contributes resources to conduct joint research, administers educational programs, and works with corporate sponsors. Independently and collectively, centers engage faculty, researchers, students, and affiliated companies to collaborate on projects that will create supply chain and logistics innovations with global applications.

MIT Global SCALE Network Objectives:

  • Expand MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics’ impact in supply chain education and research
  • Create local supply chain management human capital and expertise in different regions of the world
  • Open up new opportunities for innovation
  • Develop new educational models and paradigms
  • Create a worldwide network of executives, alumni and students trained by MIT or with MIT materials and influence
  • Help companies, governments and organizations to compete in an increasingly complex business environment.

SCALE Centers

Ningbo China Institute for Supply Chain Innovation (NISCI)

The government of Ningbo, China partnered with the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics in 2016 to establish a global center for supply chain education & research in the city that boasts the world's busiest shipping port.

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Zaragoza Logistics Center (ZLC)

Established in 2003 by the Government of Aragon in Spain in partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Zaragoza, ZLC was instrumental in the creation of the MIT Global SCALE Network.


Center for Latin-American Logistics Innovation (CLI)

In 2008, the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics and the logistics education and GS1 firm LOGyCA signed a multi-year agreement to create the Center for Latin-American Logistics Innovation (CLI). Through this partnership, the MIT Global SCALE Network has developed a vibrant academic and research network throughout Latin America.


Luxembourg Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LCL)

The Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the University of Luxembourg, in partnership with MIT CTL, founded the Luxembourg Centre for Logistics (LCL) in late 2015. The LCL is establishing Luxembourg as the European standard for training, research and innovation in the logistics sector.


MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics (CTL)

Launched in 1973, MIT CTL has changed the way the world works by innovating essential industries and services through supply chain management. Strategically positioned at the crossroads of technology and business, MIT CTL is a dynamic solutions-oriented environment where students, faculty, and industry leaders pool their knowledge and experience to advance supply chain education and research.