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"Best in class instructors, outstanding classmates and valuable debates at MIT is what I found in this program. It definitely was a milestone not only in my career but in my life. Thank you so much, GCLOG, for the unique experience that you provided to me."
- Roberto Sugiyama (Brazil)

GCLOG Class of 2019 in front of the MIT dome
GCLOG Class of 2019 in front of the MIT dome

"The GCLOG program gave me tools and skills to approach and solve problems in different ways, through the interaction with peers in supply chain from different countries, the teaching of very respectable voices in the matter and the opportunity of living the MIT experience. I do recommend this program to supply chain students, as it will allow them to improve their expertise and expand their networking."
- Camilo Gómez (Colombia)

"The GCLOG program has given me the breadth of supply chain exposure I was looking for to take my career to the next level. I would definitely recommend the course to those students that want to combine their work experience with practical and in-depth supply chain management and logistics knowledge. It really surpassed my expectations in all aspects. It was a very stimulating experience to have with a heterogeneous group from many different countries and different professional backgrounds, as well with the academic excellence and superb faculty that is expected from MIT."
- Felipe Ferreira (Brazil)

"GCLOG is much more than just a half-year course and a couple of trips to Boston. It's one of those opportunities to change the way we think, live and act both as professionals and individuals. The course manages to merge supply chain disciplines in business-focused classes with elegance, in order to create an unparalleled environment to talk, listen, network and grow. I cannot imagine a day when I will not be able to apply what I've learned at GCLOG, inside and outside the classroom. Get to know the GCLOG. You'll be glad you did."
- Luiz Gosling (Brazil)

GCLOG students in resume workshop
CLOG students in resume workshop

"There are two major reasons why I believe GCLOG is a good option if you are looking to improve your supply chain management skills and boost your career. The first is that you'll be learning about the newest trends and best practices in SCM, and the learning will come from those who actually created these concepts. Being a GCLOG student puts you in contact with the state of the art in supply chain management. You'll be learning from those who are setting the pace of the SCM development, and there is no better way to keep you updated. The second reason is the exchange of experiences among the members of the class. The mix of different nationalities, particular backgrounds, and different economic and politic contexts provides such rich discussions that make you think in a different way than you were used to."
- Pedro Araujo (Brazil)

"The GCLOG Program is an enriching personal and professional experience. With a challenging curriculum, outstanding professors, and colleagues who are willing to learn and contribute, the GCLOG creates an excellent environment that fosters connections among professionals in the area of supply chain and is essential learning for anyone working in this field. A great methodology, which perfectly balances theoretical and practical exercises, allows the students discuss the topics and to really understand them. I'm amazed with the logistics and supply chain view I have after this program, and the friends I made during these weeks at MIT."
- Murilo Pachioni (Brazil)

"To be a part of the GCLOG class of 2015 has been a transformative experience for me, in my personal, academic and professional life, as it makes all the difference to study in one of the best universities in the world and with professors that are world references in logistics and supply chain management."
- Rodrigo Da Silva Lima (Brazil)

"GCLOG has been an excellent opportunity to improve my skills and knowledge. It is an intensive program that requires you to do your best. It is also a great chance to meet new people, share professional experiences, and discover different ways to think and work. The environment is perfect: professors and speakers are world-class level, and being at MIT gives you extra incentive to push yourself and to achieve excellence."
- Mauro Vazquez (Argentina)

"The MIT GCLOG Program has given me the opportunity to enrich my academic experience and work experience with world-class experts sharing their knowledge. ... I have learned new applied tools and conceptual solutions for the challenges that are constantly present in the industry. MIT GCLOG has been a dream that certainly exceeded my expectations..."
- Allan Zaldivar (Mexico)

"The GCLOG is a challenging experience and a strategic platform to strengthen and promote any career. Supported by a world-class staff and a perfectly designed program, the GCLOG enhances and challenges the way we grasp our world. The program is the first step towards future success."
- Javier Martin (Argentina)

GCLOG class in a resume workshop

"When we talk about GCLOG at MIT, we not only refer to a summer program that teaches you the latest knowledge in SC, but the opportunity to create a bridge between developed and emerging countries. This program allows us to become regional links and enhance the understanding of our local problems and opportunities. Personally, it has been an excellent complement to my MBA. I have deepened my knowledge of the subject while enlarging my network. The GCLOG emphasizes the importance of the teamwork, an essential learning to co-create value in current and future SCs."
- Yesica Riboldi (Argentina)

"The GCLOG Program gave me a broad perspective of the supply chain, combining leading business skills with advanced supply chain knowledge. It is an innovative program, as it encourages students to work on teams with people from all around Latin America to develop innovative solutions to common problems in our countries. For me, it was a life experience that will undoubtedly help me to address present and future challenges."
- Andrea Barreto (Mexico)

"The GCLOG is a rigorous and challenging program, as well as stimulating and enriching. Being able to interact with MIT's world-class faculty, staff, and peers from many different places and cultures is a transformative and invaluable experience."
- Christian Scelfo (Argentina)

GCLOG students win 2019 Research Expo grand prize for their research project
GCLOG students win 2019 Research Expo grand prize for their research project

"The program fulfilled my expectations in every way and then some. The quality of the classes, the instructors, and the program's structure were at the high standards I expected. The commitment and attention to detail from the directors made the GCLOG an overwhelmingly positive experience."
- Francisco Tablado (Argentina)

"The GCLOG has been a great personal and academic experience that exceeded my expectations. Boston is amazing, and sharing with classmates from all over Latin America was really enriching. Having the MIT experience fulfilled a dream for me as an engineer, learning a different way of seeing things and a different way of approaching, analyzing, and solving problems."
- Juan David Restrepo (Colombia)

"GCLOG is the place to be if you are a supply chain professional. During the 2014 classes, I had the chance to learn from experts with years of experience in a plethora of supply chain subjects. The weeks at MIT not only increased my knowledge on supply chains but also my network of contacts within the field."
- Plinio Carraro (Brazil)

"Being a part of the GCLOG 2014 class was an amazing experience to me in many ways. First of all, it helped me a lot in gaining knowledge on logistics and assisted me in developing a better thesis for my current program. Furthermore, the chance to interact with great professors in the area and exchange knowledge with my peers was very valuable. Beyond that, it was a fantastic opportunity to make good friends and improve my English skills. It was a unique experience and I feel lucky to be a part of this program."
- Amanda Fernandes (Brazil)

"To be at MIT has been the best experience of my professional career. It has been an amazing way to discover better tools for application in my job and has been very useful in providing me better solutions to many problems. This program challenges us to be the best."
- Raul Porter (Ecuador)

"I really enjoyed the program. I think it offers a great balance between knowledge and practice. The instructors are all experts in the field they teach and that elevates the level of the classes. Also, my classmates were great and from varied backgrounds, making discussions really interesting. I've learned a lot and enjoyed the ride."
- Javier Villalba (Argentina)

"My time in the GCLOG Program was a wonderful and enriching opportunity. Besides the academic learning at one of the most respected educational institutions in the world, the exchange of knowledge and experiences between students and teachers made all the difference. The program was a watershed moment in my professional development and gave me a direction to advance my career."
- Elisa Eroles (Brazil)

"This program is worth every dollar invested. MIT is amazing: it expanded my mind and changed the way I look at management. It taught me to think globally. My perspective on supply chain management is quite different now from what I had learned before the GCLOG. Personally, it was an outstanding experience. Working with my classmates and sharing our experiences from various countries in Latin America gave me a new perspective on how to improve my professional life. It was also very rewarding to have very experienced teachers sharing their knowledge and encouraging me to seek different ways to improve my performance in my job."
- Sergio Moreno (Mexico)

"I am completely amazed by the impact of the GCLOG program in my academic and professional life. It is designed to give you a broad view of hot and challenging topics in logistics and supply chain management, taught by world-class experts at one of the most prominent education institutions in the globe. You will face a very dynamic and learning-enabled environment with outstanding classmates from all over Latin America who will drive you through fantastic discussions and the lively sharing of ideas. GCLOG is definitely the right move for changing the game in Latin America's logistics and supply chain management scenario."
- Vinícius Picanço (Brazil)

"For me, the GCLOG has been an extraordinary experience. The fact that other outstanding and specially selected students from all over Latin America are invited makes it a great program for networking, sharing ideas, and collaborating among professionals that live in very similar countries. Also having the opportunity to take lectures from world-class scholars and researchers lets you acquire knowledge that is not available anywhere else. Overall, the program has helped me broaden my views on supply chain management and what can be achieved with it."
- Jose Cohen (Mexico)

"The GCLOG program surprised me, even though I already had high expectations for its quality due to MIT's reputation for excellence. Many topics were approached with diverse points of view, often different from the standard ones that we are used to seeing. Furthermore, all topics somehow converged towards the end. Another factor for the success of this program was my classmates. The class was composed of people with different experiences, so it was possible for each one to contribute in their own way. In a short time, and with a lot of work, it was possible to grasp the complexity of the subjects and how deep the knowledge of the group of teachers was. I am very proud to have participated in this program and I intend to build upon this education and use the experience I have gained through this program in the best way possible."
- Yuka Akasaka (Brazil)

"The program GCLOG enhanced my experience and knowledge about logistics, supply chain, strategy, leadership, and teamwork. It is an outstanding experience that I would recommend, especially for students with at least 5 year of work experience in logistics and/or supply chain. It is a very good personal and professional experience to share six weeks at MIT with colleagues. This provides very good international networking. The relation cost/benefits is an excellent investment. GCLOG will change your mind set."
- Rodrigo Miranda (Colombia)

"The Graduate Certificate in Logistics and Supply Chain Management is a unique world-class experience that supports the pathway to success in our professional careers."
- Maria Sanchez (Argentina)

"The GCLOG Program is a great opportunity for logistic professionals for several reasons: - It allows us to get a global vision of markets, logistics, and business in general. - It allows us to know the fundamentals and also the new theories in the area of logistics. - It allows us to live the experience of being a student at one of the best universities in the world, at an affordable cost. - There are many colleagues who have experience working in similar areas and in similar countries, with very interesting solutions to common problems."
- Ronald Rojas (Colombia)

"I found out about the possibility to participate in GCLOG at a time when I was looking for a change in my career. Logistics was not my background, and I wanted to see things in a different way. I wanted to have a wider view of businesses and to understand the complete process of a product, from its origin until the purchase of it by the consumer, including the vast amount of processes, information, and techniques involved in between. In the GCLOG Program, I found what I was looking for, and more. I met amazing people, professors, and students, some now my friends, with whom I shared wonderful moments and with whom I expect to stay in touch. I fully recommend the GCLOG for those who are looking to develop a deep insight into supply chain management, and may be at a turning point in their lives."
- Magdalena Alvarez de Toledo (Argentina)

"The GCLOG Program provides the opportunity to have a unique experience at a top U.S. university. The high-level discussions about supply chain management, leadership, and team building are transformative. During the whole program, I learned from remarkable professors and shared experiences with classmates from many different countries and business sectors. This intensive learning experience happens both from inside and outside the lectures. It is incredible how valuable the program is and how fast it made a difference in my career. I totally recommend the GCLOG Program from the MIT Global SCALE Network for those students who want to keep growing."
- Marcelo Maia (Brazil)

"When I decided to participate in GCLOG, I had great expectations, but all of them were exceeded. I met an incredible group of students and professionals from all over Latin America with whom I expect to keep in touch for the rest of my life. I also met incredible professors who really made all the subjects engaging and challenged me to learn more. GCLOG has also opened new doors in my professional career. I started working almost six years ago, but with GCLOG, different doors opened for me. Now I am consulted on for supply chain issues at higher and more strategic levels, and soon my current position will change for the better. GCLOG changed my way of seeing many things and this makes me really proud. I highly recommend it!"
- Guillermo Ortiz (Argentina)

"Every single student brought their own work-related experiences. They all contributed in sharing ideas and solutions to different problems that any supply chain manager faces, resulting in valuable conversations for everyone inside and outside class. As a personal experience, I think it is essential to mention the students themselves. The bonds that were forged between us are something I will never forget. There were so many activities where everyone gathered together, having lots of fun and providing each other with amazing insight into their different cultures. This was very helpful at times when the academic pressure was increasingly intense, contributing a few minutes of pleasant and enjoyable conversation, and giving all teammates much needed energy and a motivational boost."
- Francisco Lillo (Argentina)

"I found GCLOG an awesome experience to consolidate learning several topics on supply chain management, since it presents a good amount of theory and practical cases. Moreover, students can explore this combination as they see fit, going deeper into either academic or practical issues."
- Edson Trevisan (Brazil)

"Among the benefits that GCLOG provides to students, I want to mention the close network generated between the students and the quality and relevance of the subjects studied. I think GCLOG's way of teaching is based principally in practice, so everything a student will learn in the program can be applied afterwards to their work and projects."
- Javier Gotschlich (Chile)

"I had the privilege of being part of GCLOG 2012. I must say that the whole experience enriched not only my professional career, but also my personal life. The courses I took have completely changed the way I see and understand supply chain management, and provided me with powerful tools to improve both the operative and strategic aspects in any company. But beyond professional experience, GCLOG was a personal experience that allowed me to be part of a select group in Latin America that became friends for life."
- Martín Ludueña (Argentina)

"The GCLOG program has had a huge impact on my career. I had the opportunity to learn and share knowledge and experiences with excellent teachers and classmates from all over the world ... The GCLOG program gave me great tools that allowed me to advance my career, now as Demand and Operations Manager in a leading Pharmaceutical Company."
- Sergio Torres (Colombia)

"The GCLOG gave me an opportunity to learn from professors of one of the most prestigious universities around the world, to share experiences and to network with students from dozens of countries, and to get to know Boston and Cambridge--both beautiful cities. Personally, it was also the beginning for an entrepreneurship project, which to this day I've continued working on and developing."
- Hernán Pérez (Colombia)

"The GCLOG Program is an excellent opportunity to develop your knowledge in supply chain management and the best way to start thinking about the impact of logistics on a global environment in your company. It has definitely improved my career opportunities. I acquired professional skills to develop internal audit projects related to the logistics and supply chain processes. Since I graduated from the GCLOG 2012 class, I got a new job as Senior Internal Auditor at Holcim, one of the world's leading suppliers of cement and aggregates. One of the key elements for their decision to hire me was my experience as a GCLOG student, as they were looking for auditors with a background in logistics to perform audit projects all over South America. Considering this, being part of GCLOG 2012 was an excellent decision and it has definitely improved my career opportunities."
- German Tisera (Argentina)

"GCLOG is an extremely valuable opportunity for updating your knowledge and learning more about logistics. GCLOG allowed us to interact with teachers of high qualifications and knowledge, to upgrade and open our minds to a different perspective of the entire supply chain, and also to discuss logistics operations in Latin America with other participants."
- Daniel Burguer (Brazil)

"GCLOG was a very enriching experience. I was able to learn about new aspects of logistics and new ways of thinking to manage a current business better. But mostly, I got to meet some very interesting people and we got to share a lot of valuable experiences and learn from each other."
- Felipe Calderón (Colombia)

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