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MIT Ningbo Supply Chain Management (MNSCM) Program

Ningbo Students

The MIT-Ningbo Supply Chain Management (MNSCM) program is offered by the Ningbo Supply Chain Innovation Institute China (NSCIIC) located in Ningbo, China. Mirroring the top-ranked MIT Supply Chain Management program, the MNSCM program delivers cutting-edge knowledge and expertise in problem solving, change management, and leadership. The graduates are equipped with the skills that companies seek in an increasingly complex and dynamic marketplace, thanks to two years of challenging coursework, first-hand cross-cultural experience, access to state-of-the-art research, and interaction with industry partners.


  • The program integrates the curriculum of the Masters in Supply Chain Management program offered at MIT with a comprehensive MBA curriculum.
  • The program is instructed in English by faculty members having taught at top international universities with proven industry experience. Faculty members also include world-class visiting professors from the MIT Global SCALE Network.
  • In addition to the challenging curriculum, the program emphasizes communication skills development, leadership training, and extensive interactions with the industry.
  • NSCIIC engages with many local and multi-national corporations on initiatives such as industry lectures, thesis research projects, and student recruitment.
  • Upon graduation, students will be inducted as Associate Members of the MIT Alumni Association and become alumni of the MIT Global SCALE Network. 

Why study logistics and supply chain management at NSCIIC?

  • Join a small and intimate cohort who share your passion for supply chain management and become friends for life;
  • Experience the MIT Supply Chain Management curriculum with an MBA foundation;
  • Enhance your data-driven analytical problem solving and change management skills;
  • Small class sizes and individual attention fostering engagement and leadership;
  • Access to an exclusive MIT Global SCALE network;
  • Various scholarships for outstanding students;
  • Career opportunities by working with professors and interacting with industry professionals.

Why study a Supply Chain MBA in Ningbo, China?

  • You want to put “MIT” and “China” on your resume.
  • You want to add “SCM” and “MBA” to your keywords.
  • Gain an insider’s view of the opportunities in China.
  • You consider building a start-up leveraging on connection to MIT and the strong supplier base in China.
  • Ningbo is a major international port and home to many corporate headquarters and logistics firms. You want to see real-world logistics and supply chains in motion.
  • Ningbo offers a variety of opportunities for research collaborations as well as employment opportunities for graduates.
  • Ningbo offers a high quality of life with affordable living expenses and rich culture.


Master of Business Administration degree awarded by Ningbo University;

Graduate Certificate in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, awarded by MIT Global SCALE Network.


Two-year MBA study; first year for course study and second year for internship and thesis

Core Courses:
  • Introduction to Supply Chain Leadership
  • Database, Internet, and Systems Integration Technologies
  • Analytical Methods for Supply Chain Management
  • Business Writing for Supply Chain Management
  • Management Accounting and Control
  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • Logistics Systems
  • System Dynamics
  • Supply Chain Finance
  • Operations Strategy
  • Supply Chain Leadership
  • Supply Chain Software

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