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Supply chain innovation captures the interest of many practitioners but most find it elusive and often even difficult to understand.  This project has produced a white paper that addresses some of these issues.  The white paper provides background on the concepts of innovation and supply chain... Read More

With over 40 percent of the world’s population living in emerging countries like Brazil, India, South Africa, and Mexico, there is a wealth of opportunities for companies that can profitably serve these customers. Developing supply chains in these markets, however, goes far beyond adapting the... Read More

In 2004, MIT’s Center for Transportation & Logistics launched the Supply Chain 2020 Project. From the early objective of identifying principles that promote supply chain excellence and preparedness, the project expanded to include fundamental questions about the structure of supply chain... Read More

In the 21st century, global companies are making enormous investments in research on sustainability. The LEAP consortium was created as a vehicle for organizations to leverage the vast knowledge and resources of MIT as well as the successes and failures of corporate environmental efforts around... Read More

The MIT Integrated Supply Chain Management (ISCM) Program is a consortium of non-competing companies. It was started in January 1995 by a group of faculty and staff from the MIT Sloan School of Management and the MIT CTL, where the program is currently managed. The ISCM Program aims to... Read More

GDC works to connect geospatial theory with practice and create geospatial software platforms to allow for excellence in research and education. GDC research projects include the application of geospatial data to optimize supply-chain management and to address cyber security issues, as well... Read More

To reach consumers in underserved markets, firms often need to build laborious and expensive logistics and distribution infrastructures.  Given the difficulties intrinsic to these markets, this cost is unaffordable outright or unsustainable over the course of a normal business cycle, thereby... Read More

The challenges facing international intermodal container logistics are efficiency and security. These seemingly conflicting issues have a common solution: supply chain visibility, where data for visibility can be shared between business and government. Since technical solutions... Read More

SAFEPOST aims to raise the current level of postal security by integrating innovative screening solutions suitable for an uninterrupted flow of the enormous volume of parcels and letters, with operational postal processes and criminal and customs intelligence work, in a European wide cooperative... Read More

SoCool@EU (Sustainable Organisation between Clusters of Optimised Logistics @ Europe) is a European Regions of Knowledge project through which 5 world-class European clusters have joined forces to create an open European hub for regional innovation in logistics and... Read More