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European Platform Driving KnoWledge to INNovation in Freight Logistics, WINN, is a step forward to increase collaboration and consensus building of the different stakeholders dealing with sustainability in the freight transport logistics and intermodality.

WINN project will establish a... Read More

The Supply Chain & Finance Initiative (SFI) at the Zaragoza Logistics Center (ZLC), a world-class leader in supply chain management research and education, was recently established as an international organization to promote the study of the interrelationship between supply chain and finance... Read More

In order to provide an appropriate service level to customers while keeping operational costs as low as possible, companies have to design smart replenishment systems. Carefully designed replenishment/distribution systems would enable them to have the right products in the right place at the... Read More


Collaboration Concepts for Co-modality, CO3 is a business strategy enabling companies throughout the supply chain to set up and maintain initiatives to manage and optimize their logistics and transport operations by increasing load factors, reducing empty movements and stimulate co-modality,... Read More

Transport is a key enabler of economic activity and social connectivity. While providing essential services to society, transport is also an important part of the economy and it is at the core of a number of major sustainability challenges, such as climate change, air quality, safety, energy,... Read More

The project, funded under the MED Objective 3.1: Improvement of maritime accessibility and of transit capacities through multimodality and intermodality, aims at improving the competitiveness of port systems in the MED area by refining accessibility through technology and procedural innovations... Read More