MIT Graduate Certificate in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA USA

The MIT Graduate Certificate in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (GCLOG) is an elite program designed for outstanding students from Latin America. As a certificate, the GCLOG has a smaller time and tuition footprint than the MIT Global Scale Network degree-granting programs. At the same time, it is designed and taught by MIT instructors and includes seminars hosted at the MIT campus. The logistics and supply chain management program maintains the rigor and prestige of MIT with a proven record of success in supply chain management and logistics studies.


The GCLOG affords outstanding students from Latin America the opportunity to complement their ongoing education in their home countries with a Certificate from MIT. "The GCLOG is a truly unique program," says former Director, Dr. Roberto Perez-Franco. "I think of it as the equivalent of a concentration that masters students from Latin America can take at MIT." Logisics and supply chain management ceritifcate program (GCLOG) students learn from MIT instructors and enjoy the MIT experience as part of the MIT SCALE cohort, without much disruption to their ongoing masters, family, and work commitments, and without breaking the bank. Read testimonials from our alumni.


The GCLOG 2017 will include four components: (1) completion of a supply chain fundamentals course; (2) a 3-week seminar at MIT during July 2016; (3) another 3-week seminar at MIT during January 2017, and (4) an applied research (or 'capstone') project. Learn more


The GCLOG Program is open to any student currently enrolled in a master's program in a supply chain management or related areas at a reputable Latin American university Learn more. Unless you are a citizen of the U.S. or a country with a visa waiver program, you will need a B-1 visa to attend the seminars at MIT. Learn more


Tuition for GCLOG 2017 is US$7950. Students enrolled in a partner or top ranked university receive a preferential tuition [learn more]. A few partial tuition waivers are available for students with extraordinary merit and limited financial resources. Student are responsible for all their travel and living expenses during the seminars at MIT [learn more.]


Admissions for the 2017 GCLOG class open iin October. Students are encouraged to apply as early as possible, since spaces are in high demand. Applications are submitted online, and admission decisions are done monthly. The admission period for GCLOG 2017 is scheduled to close in March 31, 2016. Please read detailed instructions about how to apply apply here.