This page specifies the requirements, administrative guidelines, and quality assurance policy for awarding of the MIT SCALE Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management Certificate to students who complete master’s degrees through MIT Global SCALE Network centers. 

Certificate Requirements:

1. Completion of all supply chain management master’s program core coursework with passing grades;

2. Completion of a capstone project or a dissertation/thesis with a passing grade; 

3. Full payment of applicable tuition and fees.

4. The deadline for completing all requirements is three years from initial registration in the master’s program.

Administrative Guidelines:

1. A Center may recommend certificate issuance subject to approval by its academic directors/deans.

2. Inquiries relating to tuition and fees, academic, or administrative matters should be directed to the SCALE Center issuing the master’s degree.

3. Certificate issuance by the MIT Global SCALE Network is subject to administrative processing and delay.


Quality Assurance:

1. The composition of supply chain management core coursework is determined by each Center in consultation with its affiliated University and the MIT Global SCALE Network.

2. The specific requirements for capstone project and dissertation are determined by each Center's Director, in alignment with the relevant degree program requirements.

3. Student complaints and appeals will be subject to the relevant Center's policies and procedures.

4. Requests to repeat courses are subject to approval and conditions of the Center and/or degree-granting institution.