Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Join the international and multilingual student body of the University of Luxembourg! The MIT-Luxembourg master's in supply chain management program incorporates the legal, economic and financial frameworks of logistics, and connect students to other departments of the University, for example in engineering.

The LCL works with a network of local and global partners, and brings together leading-edge academic research and the industry at the heart of Europe. 

New - Two Program Tracks!

Beginning in the 2021-22 academic year, students enrolling in LCL's Logistics and Supply Chain Management master's program choose between a Digital Procurement track or the Logistics and SCM track.
Both tracks share the same core curriculum, and offer additional tailored courses and domain-specific thesis projects. 
The Track in Digital Procurement combines a core curriculum in supply chain management with the study of digitalization and its impact on procurement. The track is actively supported by a number of multi-national companies including Amazon, ArcelorMittal, Cargolux, Ferrero, Leaseplan, SES, and Vodafone, all of which operate their procurement organizations from Luxembourg. The companies contribute to lectures and seminars and sponsor master thesis projects in the area of digital procurement, which offers students immediate access to and insights into large procurement organizations located in Luxembourg. Students who graduate from the track benefit from many local employment opportunities due to Luxembourg’s position as European procurement hub.  
The Track in Logistics and SCM has its core curriculum in logistics and supply chain management and studies the improvement of operational processes in these areas. This track partners with companies such as Kuhne+Nagel, Cargolux, Hospitals, ASML, John Deere and others. Graduation projects cover topics such as last mile logistics, the impact of digitization on operational processes, sustainability and reverse logistics, and multi-tier supply chain design. Students who graduate from this track have a broad background and have employment opportunities at local and international companies in the domain of supply chain and logistics. 


Why Attend this Program?

  • EXPERTISE. The LCL is integrated into the University of Luxembourg’s Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance, benefitting from an interdisciplinary approach and outlook. LCL faculty work regularly with industry and are strong in areas such as pricing & revenue management, green supply chains, supply chain finance. Close ties to the logistics industry further strengthen LCL's Master in Logistics and Supply Chain Management program.
  • LOCATION. Located between Germany, France and Belgium, Luxembourg is a gateway to Europe. Member State economies worth 80% of the European Union GDP can be reached from Luxembourg in one day. The country’s position as a leading financial centre and seat of major EU institutions further boosts its international profile. A dynamic business community, a growing start-up scene and thriving ICT sector add to Luxembourg’s appeal.
  • PERFORMANCE. Luxembourg was named the most open economy in Europe in the 2015 ICC Open Markets Index and placed 8th in the 2014 global Logistics Performance Index. Logistics employs more than 13,000 people in Luxembourg, with around 800 companies active in the sector.
  • MULTILINGUAL AND INTERNATIONAL. Luxembourg is a melting pot where people from over 150 different nationalities live side by side. Foreign nationals account for 45% of the population of 613,000. This international flair is reflected in the University’s international student body and staff. The University offers multilingual degrees, as well as language classes to students wishing to improve their skills or learn French, English, German or Luxembourgish.
  • PERSONALIZED. The University of Luxembourg is a young university, founded in 2003 but already enjoying a solid international reputation. As it continued to grow, it has not lost its personal touch, with small class sizes, high levels of student-teacher interaction and individualized support.
  • PRACTICE-ORIENTED. The Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance places a strong emphasis on practical teaching and relevant research. Our academic staff are routinely supported by international experts and practitioners from the field.
  • CAREERS. Luxembourg offers employment opportunities and an international labour market in need of highly-qualified graduates. Around 70% of the country’s workforce is made up of immigrants and cross-border commuters.
  • LIVING IN LUXEMBOURG. Although small in size, Luxembourg has lots to offer. Not only is the capital city a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but its museums, live-music venues, nightlife, historic castles and beautiful landscapes make the country a hidden gem for you to discover. Dive into the rich local culture, meet people from all over the world and enjoy easy travel to major European capitals and many other destinations. Good things come in small packages.
Program Details at a Glance:

10-month residential program (LSCM)

Language of Instruction: English

The LSCM program leads to the Master in Logistics & Supply Chain Management awarded by the University of Luxembourg, and the Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management Certificate, awarded by MIT Global SCALE Network.

Track Options:
Students choose to pursue the Digital Procurement track, or the SCM and Logistics track.

Credit Requirements:
60 ECTS credits

Program Costs:
Tuition (2018-19 academic year): €24,000 plus medical insurance and living expenses. Currently a budget of €1000 per month for living expenses is recommended for single students.

Financial Aid:
LCL offers various full and partial scholarships. A financial contribution by the government of Luxembourg for students in university education is available for qualified students. 

Career Resources and Alumni Relations:
LCL has a team has a team that facilitates opportunities for students to interact with industry in the region and build their professional networks. This industry exposure and the career services of the university are important tools to help students find excellent jobs. Students can also access University of Luxembourg career services. Upon graduation students join an elite group of SCALE alumni and enjoy:

  • Associate member status in the MIT Alumni Association 
  • Full participation in all MIT CTL alumni activities
  • Full member status in the University of Luxembourg Alumni association of Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance.

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