Staff photo Cesar Becerra

Executive Manager, CLI

Cesar Becerra is an anthropologist from the National University of Colombia, with 12 years of experience in academic and applied market research. He has worked in different firms and research agencies including José Alvear Restrepo Lawyers Collective Corporation, Yanhaas, GFK, MacCann and Marketteam, and others. His contribution has always been framed in the leadership and development of research projects in multiple sectors, aimed at establishing market targets, consumer archetype design, demand mapping, characterization of competitive contexts, tracking of purchase drivers, and similar issues. The projects under his management are executed with a mixed methodological approach, combining qualitative and quantitative techniques and data with an ethnographic perspective. He joined the LOGYCA team in 2011, working in areas of market research and marketing. He is currently the General Manager of LOGYCA/RESEARCH for CLI.