Supply Chain Management Master's Career Outcomes

The numbers are in: a 10-month supply chain master's degree from MIT allows you to advance your career faster, with better salary outcomes and less debt.

Our students who go on to jobs in the US after graduation enjoy salary outcomes comparable to students graduating from top 2-year MBA programs – after less than half the time out of the workforce, and at half the tuition expense. 

Application Deadlines Extended

To provide more early-career supply chain professionals with opportunities for advancement in these uniquely challenging times, and in turn to help industry meet steady demand for exceptional supply chain leaders, we've extended our admission cycle for the class of 2021.

Look at the numbers for the MIT SCMr class of 2019:

  • 89% of students received a job offer by graduation, and 94% were employed within 60 days of graduation.
  • The median base salary reported by students receiving job offers was $129,900; the median signing bonus was $20,000

What about our current students, whose year has been disrupted by the COVID-19 crisis?

  • 90% of the MIT SCM class of 2020 had received at least one offer (with most receiving multiple offers) by March 31, 2020 
  • 100% of US students received an offer
  • 82% of international students received an offer
  • Compensation is currently on track to exceed that of the class of 2019

In challenging times, more than ever, global companies need leaders with the practical skills and technical knowledge to make data-driven decisions and develop creative solutions to global problems.

Bonus: Higher Relevance to Your Career

Students in MIT's supply chain management master's programs learn topics and skills that are highly relevant to the supply chain and logistics fields. The curriculum has an engineering focus, in contrast to the general business skills taught in an MBA program. And our students begin contributing to the future of supply chain even before they graduate. Each year, top global companies compete for the chance to sponsor student research projects. Propose your own project, or select from among many we have lined up: real industry challenges from real companies doing business around the world. 

Don't get lost in the crowd of over 450,000 students applying to MBA programs globally. An MIT-SCALE Supply Chain Management master's degree may just be your best path to career advancement. Complete the form now to learn more!

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